Jarkko Räsänen

Ordered Dance (2009–-)

photographs, dimensions vary, ongoing project

ed. 6 +2 ap

Photographs of the series are collages, that are created with my self-made image editing software: The original images are diaristic snapshots taken with whatever camera -cell phone images are included, as well as scanned medium format shots. First I cut the original image file into narrow slices. After this I analyze the slices according to some structural parametre, e.g. brightness or the amount of red. Finally the slices are re-ordered according to different sets of rules (e.g. increasing brightness from left to right) to form a new permutation of the original digital image information. In images formed this way, the original representations of photographic subjects melt down into abstract forms, and the material qualities get emphasized over the narrative content of the snapshots.


download Ordered Dance portfolio here
(please note: dimensions vary in ALL editions)


Copenhagen Interpretation (2012)




1.12.2007 I-II & 22.3.2009 I-II
1.12.2007 [Swept Tree] II (2010), 22.3.2009 [Smoke] I (2010)

22.3.2009 [Smoke] II (2010), 1.12.2007 [Tree] I (2010)


15.9.2009 (Baroque)



10.2.2009 (Passage) (2011)



20.8.2011 I (2012)


15.9.2009 (2011)


28.9.2008 by Jarkko Räsänen

28.9.2008 [Stronghold] (2010)



Requiem by Jarkko Räsänen

Requiem (2010)







Video by Jarkko Räsänen

As Above So Below (2011)

As Above, So Below (2011)

Photographic site-specific installation based on Wikipedia-based reproduction of the Last Supper for occupation exhibition in Kaartin Lasaretti, Helsinki.


Video (2012)
at Finnish Museum of Photography / Preview 5

Google web search-based collage of bird photographs, 160cm*600cm / dimensions vary, ed. 6 +2 ap

Anatomy Lecture


Innocentius X

Mary Stuart

Henry V Tudor

Ludvig XIV


Gustavus Adolphus

Uusi ja uusin aika II
(The new and the newest age II)

pigment prints on canvas, mdf, lacquer, ed. 6 +2 ap

Works are based on collages found from old Finnish history book "Uusi ja uusin aika II" that was found dumped to the front of a construction yard. The book was published in 1929. Many of the images were defaced by unknown schoolkids with cut-up faces and heads from 50´s comics and other sources of pop culture imagery. Iconic images of European modern history were scanned and processed them with self-made photography software: The canvas prints mounted on 160mm mdf show the "skeleton" images of the defaced portraits, that become revealed through recursive saving process of the high-resolution jpeg to the point where everyday photo-file standard cannot burn anymore information off the image – only the features defined worth seeing in the compression algorithm remain.

1 & 3 Ways by Jarkko Räsänen

2.6.2008 I-III (1 & 3 Ways) [2010]












exhibition shots